China Takes the Devil Hostage…

I’ve been “made” in China.

As China has infiltrated most of the world, the Chinese hackers have gone to hell and demonized the Devil.

My blog has all of a sudden taken a ferocious hit and I couldn’t figured out why.

Aren’t my followers into Devil worship anymore?

Well, my husband coincidentally wanted to email a friend a post on Blaye, France and he googled

He was sent to a Chinese website featuring furniture and all things Chinese.


I am now spending a devil’s ransom trying to extricate the Devil from devious Chinese clutches.

The good news is that subscribers and readers who     connect to the link through social media are not affected by any of these hijinks.

The glitch happens when you use a search engine and traffic is driven to the Chinese site.

Your computer and phone are not in any jeopardy.

The Devil will prevail shortly.

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