America Is Great Again…

I am amending this post at 11pm EST.


Doug Jones was just declared the winner in Alabama.

I pledged $25 every day for the last month as my way of casting a vote for  sanity, justice and the American way.

The Doug Jones campaign was well run and I would personally like to thank all Alabamans for voting their conscience.

I never thought that anything Alabaman other than Nick Saban and the University of Alabama football team would make me such a fan of the the great state of Alabama.

A shout-out to African American women in Alabama who stepped up and made their voices heard.

A high five to Charles Barkley who returned to his home state to deliver an impassioned plea to voters,¬†urging them not to cast their ballots for Moore and his rallying cry, “At some point, we gotta stop looking like idiots to the nation.”

A huge thank you to the 22,000 write in votes!!

I went to sleep early tonight because I could not face another Trump reality.

My daughter, Courtny, just called to say that Doug Jones was declared the winner.

I did not think that I could feel this hopeful in 2017.

I am truly overwhelmed.

Roy Moore lost.

Agent Orange lost.

Steve Bannon lost.

Racism lost.

Pedophilia lost.

Anti-semitism lost.

Homophobia lost.

Prejudice lost.

Long live common decency.

America is back, baby!!




  1. this was so refreshing !!!

  2. To quote Thomas Friedman , “There are so many things I could say right now after watching Doug Jones beat Ray Moore…..but for me it comes down to just Two words:”Thank You”.

    A shout out to Alabamians for their courage.


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