All About The Base…

‘Splain me, Lucy.

I just don’t understand this administration’s policy goals.

The majority of the country knows that Humpty Trumpty is a very disruptive president.

Are his actions premeditated, mapped out, researched, double checked or is America being run like a reality show…everything is done by the seat of very large, navy blue, polyester suit pants?

Is Agent Orange’s thuggish behavior the way to keep terrorist states in line and their corrupt finger off the nuclear button?

With the release of the three American detainees by the isolated totalitarian state, are we to assume that relations have improved with North Korea?

Will North Koreans be freed from bondage, as well?

I’m stumped.

I constantly root for our despot to fail because he is a bigly, bully basket of deplorable, but that means that I am rooting against myself and this country.

I have given the Orange man some thought and I do believe Trump is a demonic Santa Claus.

He has his list.

He is checking it twice…all to satisfy his base.

Nothing is done with the average American’s best interests at heart.

With him it’s, All About That Base:

Sing along…

“We know that shit ain’t real
We know that shit ain’t real
We know that shit ain’t real”





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