A Home Is Made Of Hopes & Dreams So Buy It Already…

I don’t know if it is still a goal, but when I was young and reaching for the stars, buying a home was at the top of my list.

Of course, let us not forget designer bags and shoes, but we are talkin’ substance.

Anyway, now that I have my childhood home on the market, I am learning a great deal about millennials.

Boy, are they particular and demanding.

I have been fortunate to own several properties and they were all flawed, but we had vision.

These days, vision has lost its focus.

I always heard that the most important rooms to keep updated and happening are bathrooms and kitchen.

Check…did that.

Now, the adorable thirty-somethings want remodeled basements and notable outdoor patios.

And, let’s not forget wall color that resonates.

If white or pale grey doesn’t satisfy then I am at a loss.

I even try to sell it as White Linen, Mayonnaise or Chantilly Lace.

No, that shade isn’t calming and won’t match their IKEA furniture…so buy the house spent the $20 and paint it any damn whiter shade of pale that you want.

The darlings want to move in on a Saturday and go to work on Monday with the home in perfect working order.

And, never email. Just text “I don’t have time to scroll down for an email. TY”

Good bones, fireplaces, crown molding, genuine hardwood floors are no longer assets or enticing.

The house is 100 years old and they are so weepy and dissatisfied that the bedrooms are not huge.

Anyway, I guess that baby boomers are tough, but we were not afraid to roll up our sleeves or project a bit of imagination.

Please note that these statements are not just my own random conclusions.

Realtors universally concur.

Anyone in the market for a beautiful 100 year-old house with great lines, endless charm and outstanding character?


  1. Toby, our house is 1850. 25 years ago when we were looking, I just couldn’t find anything with character. Then we walked into this warm cozy piece of imperfection and new it was home. Still is, but we will sell within 5 years. Like you, when I would walk into a house, I would see potential. Wall colors and carpet be-damned – I could SEE – and I loved knowing that I could make it mine! We STILL have one bathroom on the second floor shared by the whole family and it’s NOT on our end of the hallway! We added the screen porch years ago instead of updating the bathrooms – and have been happy as clams. Now, in order to sell – oh my – bathrooms and kitchen have basically never been updated – besides some fresh paint and new sinks. Guests walk into this home and feel ‘at home’. It’s not a museum, it’s lived in, and warm. Sigh, I fear they may have to bury us here! Best of luck with the sale – my heart sincerely goes out to you. And, I do worry about this new breed of youth. Cheers!

  2. sad isn’t it? everything now…no imagination..no making it “theirs” sad sad ,but someone will come and see the love in your home .

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