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Money is always a frequent topic.

Maybe we should all start hoarding.

After the Super Tuesday results and Trump’s continued success, we may all need to save up for our deportation.

I am inquiring about buying a strip of isolation far from the madding crowd.

The Greek islands are beckoning.

I cannot imagine that country turning down some legitimate financial infusion.

In order to secure my future, I play mind games.

Frequently, I attempt to squirrel away a $20 bill.

That’s my goal. Sometimes it is $1 or $5. When I am flush, it’s $100, but that’s rare.

I never count what is in my Lululemon gift card pouch. At the end of the year I hand over the pouch to myself as a New Year gift.

I very much appreciate myself. Now I have options…pay bills, buy Toby a surprise gift, plan a little sojourn or make a donation usually to a dog rescue group.

All this is my little wealth management endeavor. It doesn’t involve millions just a nice little nest egg for me.

My grandmother, the elegant and insightful, Duchess, always told me that I should have my own money.

She wisely explained that I should never be beholden to anyone, especially the husband.

“Always have your own pushke,” the Duchess would say (pushke is traditionally a small bank that people put money in to give away to people to make a better world).

Stock investments, 401K, IRA’s, savings account are all necessary to secure your future or a great comfort when things go south financially.

I adhere to the brilliant wealth management (a Merrill Lynch moniker, not mine) plans of my gurus, James Iannazzo and Sarah Kennedy, but still stick with my grandmother’s tried and true methods.

Inspired by my post, I just took a $20 and sequestered it away for the January 1st, 2017 reveal.

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